Friday, March 18, 2011

The Rain and The Pain

I've got another big run coming up tomorrow.  We'll be out at Land's End, out in my old Outer Richmond 'hood.  Pouring rain and lots of challenges (read: hills!). My minimum is 6 miles....I'd really like to aim for 7 though.  At 8am. 

The mileage just keeps racking up.  It's just amazing to me.  However, with that mileage comes a little wear and tear on my body.  Going from couch potato to going and going and going - well, some pain was bound to appear.  My right hip is killing me but the coach assured me that he's got some exercises for me to strengthen the muscles around the joint. 

So, while you read the morning paper, think of me.  Or while you sleep off tonight's fun (or some leftover fun from last night's St Patrick's festivities!), just dream a little dream about me crossing the finish line!

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