Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Hole in My Tummy
(that isn't a belly button!)

Disclaimer: I really didn't expect my first post to get all "TMI" but, well, such is life!
(I'll keep the details to a minimum!)

On Monday, I had a not so fun trip to the doctor. After more than a week of excruciating stomach pain, I decided it was finally time to figure it out. We chatted, he pushed and prodded, and I walked away with a diagnosis - I have a stomach ulcer.

Now, I know that you and I just met but let me tell you this about me: I stress....a lot! Between work, home, family, and trying to find a balance, my head just gets caught up in it all. My husband is constantly trying to smooth out the worry wrinkles on my forehead!

Major changes in diet will ensue along, with some medicine. Yet, I know that this was a wake-up call and that I can either choose to apply a band-aid or to really fix the problem. Yes, Melissa, you must learn to manage your stress and worry - perhaps even reduce it!

The BRAT* diet and sludgy medicine will only take me so far - What's next....?

*Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. Bland diet for next 3 weeks. Oh, except I don't eat bananas...yuck!

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